Want to bet with friends?

Looking for a group bet app?


At we compare the apps and services available online that make sharing tips and betting with friends in groups simple.

What is Group Betting?


Group betting is any form of betting done between multiple people instead of alone. When people group bet they often do it socially, where the involvement of others adds to the experience. The most common form of group betting is people using WhatsApp to chat about sport with friends where betting becomes part of this conversation. 

Why do People Group Bet?

For fun - the first and most popular is because betting together can add to the experience. When everyone is on the same group bet, the feeling of winning can be magnified and the negative feelings of losing diminished. 


To have an edge - People bet together to to exchange information that might give them an informational edge over the bookmaker. By pooling knowledge, stats and opinion from a range of people, a bet can be chosen with greater confidence. 

To copy or follow a tipster - Tipsters, or even a person with expert knowledgable in a circle of friends, can be an excellent source of betting opportunities. In this instance the tipster would share a tip, often via Twitter, WhatsApp or Telegram and the group will then follow them and place the bet. 

What is Sky Group Bet?

SkyBet are the first bookmaker to introduce a group bet feature in their app. How it works is you create a group of friends in the app and each person is then responsible to pick a leg of an accumulator bet. Each person in the group bet is required to have a SkyBet account which can be problematic if not all people in the group want to bet with SkyBet.  

What is Crew Bet?

Crew bet messenger app is a regular messenger app like WhatsApp or Telegram but with integrated betting. This makes it simple to combine chat about sport messenger style, with sharing tips and placing group bets together. Everytime a bet is shared the best odds are shown from a range of bookmakers and each person in the group can choose their preferred bookmaker to bet with.